Interactive data visualizations

As a scientist when I read and review, I don’t feel satisfied seeing the visuals in print. I pull up the paper on my computer and I have the urge to push an axis, to add a variable, to do my own discovery.

Of course, papers and publishing have a place in our scientific community and discourse that’s extremely important. They tell stories. But we’re all scientists and reading stories gives me (us?) the urge to make stories.

So I wanted to reflect that in my visuals, and give people the opportunity to see more of the story than you can share with a fixed image.

Were this a poster, I wouldn’t have that luxury. But this is the internet, after all. So try out some of my interactive visuals here, and write your own stories.

Want to interact with our data?

The data so far: Questions 2017

Metadata: All presenters, 2014-2017

Questions you might start with…

Pick any word. Who’s using it?

Where do presenters come from?

Who’s getting posters? Who’s getting talks?

We crowdsourced our data. Want to see how?

ASHG2017 Question Portal

4 thoughts on “Interactive data visualizations

    • I could write a whole post in response to this question (hmm…. maybe I will), but in short: I think shiny is the easiest to use/host for adding a basic level of interaction to your otherwise very vanilla bar plot (or other standard Rplot / ggplot visual); I more rarely use but also love d3.js, which unlocks a ton of interactive paradigms that aren’t available using shiny. Both frameworks are immediately web-ready which means I tend to host mine on the internet! I’m sure you’ll see both here occasionally.

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